Earning Money Blogging

What is your passion?

Seriously, what is it you do that you absolutely love?



Raising your Children?





Real Estate?

OK...I know most of these ideas are things I find interesting, but I really mean it when I say...find what YOU love!

To have a good website/blog, you need to feel excited, be knowledgeable and passionate about what you write. If you aren't, it will show! But, if you are...well, your blog will flourish.

Why is this? Because if you are writing about something you "know" a lot about and love, your enthusiasm will show in your writing and your recommendations and insight will attract other readers who have the same interests you do. And, that is what you want!

So, where do you begin once you have your topic of interest and what do you do?

  1. Create your website/blog. If you are new to the world of blogging, I highly recommend Blogger. They are FREE and easy to use, even if you are not very familiar with the workings of HTML and website code. In fact, they have many free templates to choose from for those just starting out. Of course, you are free to use your own unique design, as well.
  2. Begin posting daily. The art of keeping and attracting readers is to have content. And, to provide new content often so they will come back. If you are not posting, people will not read...because there is nothing too read! And, if you do not post often ( at the bare minimum....I would suggest 4 times a week...but I recommend daily/every other day ), they will eventually forget to come back and check your site.
  3. Promote your work. If you are writing, but no one knows about it, well...then no one will read it. There are easy and simple ways to attract others. One of the easiest is to find blogs that you like to read, and leave comments. If you are registered with blogger, your name will show up in the comments section and if they click on the link...it will take them to your site. Another great way is to send links to posts you recently did to other blog authors and see if they are interested in linking to your work. If they use your information, you will instantly get a surge in traffic. What are some other ways? Twitter, Message Boards ( add your website address to your signature ), ask to do Guest Posts at others blogs or ask others to guest post at your site ( they will usually mention they are posting somewhere else...thus more traffic for you )
  4. Advertise your site. When you are just starting out, it is not like you have a huge advertising budget. But, there are easy and cheap ways to attract new readers.
  • Business Cards - Always have your cards handy. Going out to eat? Leave your card with the receipt after the meal or on the table. Run into someone at the grocery store, hand them a card. Paying bills? Stick a card in with your check. Two great sites to order reasonable cards from are: Vista Print ( just pay shipping and many designs ) or Moo ( has very cool mini cards, full size cards, and unique cards )
  • Checks - Again, print your unique check label and include your website address on it. Vista Print also does checks and well as many other companies for very little amount of money.
  • Email Signature - This is free advertisement everytime you send an email to a friend, family, company, etc.

5. Sign up for Affiliate Marketing sites. Check out my side bars for pictures/links to all the affiliate programs I currently recommend. These companies will provide banner advertisements or links you can put on your blog. If any readers click on the link or sign up for what is being advertised, you get paid. This is where I make most of my money blogging.

Here is the list of all affiliate programs I use and get paid through. Sign up yourself to also earn:

And, don't forget to sign up with Blog Spark. They will offer you giveaway opportunities for your blog and you will usually get a free product for yourself, too.

6. Begin Tracking Earnings and Expenses for Tax Time - Click here for free tracking website with Outright

Although these are all basic instructions, they are the core to what I have done to make extra money thru my website.

Want some other pointers of how I manage my affiliates?

If you have further questions regarding Affiliate Marketing, please feel free to email me at any time.